BCIT Physics Department

Demonstration Manual

Electricity and Magnetism

DEM36 - Electromagnetic Induction with Gilly Coils


- To show that current is induced in a secondary coil by rising and collapsing magnetic field in the primary, adjacent coil.



The secondary coil is connected to a galvanometer. The primary coil is placed together with the secondary coil, and connected to a 6 volt battery and a switch. When the contact is made with the tap switch, the magnetic field rises in the primary, and cuts the secondary windings to produce a deflection on the galvanometer in one direction.

Releasing the tap switch causes collapse of magnetic field in primary, also cutting the secondary coil. This results in opposite deflection on the galvanometer. Iron core is used between the coils to increase induction. Aluminum and Brass cores are used to illustrate their non-magnetic properties.