BCIT Physics Department

Demonstration Manual

Electricity and Magnetism

DEM83 - NeoLev Levitating Board


- To demonstate the principle of Diamagnetic Levitation.


The NeoLev operates on the principle of Diamagnetic Levitation. The NeoLev apparatus comes with a base which contains a special array of magnets (aka, "track") which creates a repulsive force against the pyrolytic graphite board. The track has a slight arc akin to a half pipe allowing the board to oscillate back and forth for a very long time.


Set levitation support base on a level surface. Gently place levitating board in the center of the track. Lightly bump to move back and forth.


For Instructor demonstration use only.

Every aspect of the NeoLev is fragile, so please handle with care. The levitating board material (Pyrolytic Graphite) is similar to pencil lead. It is extremely brittle.