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Physics Demonstration Topics:

Electricity and Magnetism - Fluid Mechanics - Heat - Hydrostatics

Kinematics - Linear Dynamics - Properties of Matter - Nuclear Physics

Optics and Light - Rotational Dynamics - Simple Machines - Statics

Sound and Wave Motion

Electricity and Magnetism

DEM01- Static Electricity, Basic   (with Video)

DEM02 - Static Electricity, Wimshurst Machine, Van-de-Graaf Gen  (with Video)

DEM03 - Electrostatic Point Discharge. "Electric Whirl"   (with Video)

DEM04-1- Van de Graaff / Bat Activator and Aluminum Pie Plates  (with Video)

DEM05 - Genecon Hand Crank Electric Generators  (with Video)

DEM06 - Explosion Due to Static Electricity  (with Video)

DEM07 - Electric Field Demonstration, "Seed in Oil"  (with Video)

DEM08 - R/C Circuit (writeup pending)

DEM09.1 - Storage of Charge  (with Video)

DEM10 - C.R.T. Deflection Plates  (with Video)

DEM11 - Lissajous Figures

DEM12 - C.R.T. - Old TV, Computer Monitor, and Radar Display CRT

DEM14A - Piezoelectric Speaker  (with Video)

DEM16 - Resistor Board (resistors with different wattage values)

DEM17 - Resistor Board (various types of resistors)  (with Video)

DEM18 - Capacitor Board  (with Video)

DEM19 - Charging and Discharging a Capacitor

DEM20 - Temperature Coefficient of Resistance  (with Video)

DEM20.1 - Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (Method II)  (with Video)

DEM22 - Electrical Conduction of Glass  (with Video)

DEM23 - Magnets

DEM24 - Magnetic Field  (with Video)

DEM24.1 - 3D Magnetic Field  (with Video)

DEM24.2 - Magnetic Field Projectual

DEM25 - Breaking Bar Magnet

DEM26 - Forever Spin

DEM27 - Electromagnet Demonstration  (with Video)

DEM28 - Magnetic Field About a Single Conductor  (with Video)

DEM29 - Magnetic Field About a Solenoid  (with Video)

DEM30 - Magnetic Effect of Current on Parallel Conductors  (with Video)

DEM31 - Force on a Current-Carrying Conductor  (with Video)

DEM31.1 - Force on a Current Carrying Conductor  (with Video)

DEM32 - Current Induced in a Moving Conductor  (with Video)

DEM32.1 - Current Induced in a Moving Conductor Method II

DEM33 - Differentiation by Induction (Elex Lab EM17 using a Function Generator and Oscilloscope)  (with Video)

DEM34 - Magnetic Induction

DEM35 - Induction by a Moving Magnet  (with Video)

DEM36 - Electromagnetic Induction with Gilly Coils  (with Video)

DEM37 - Electromagnetic Induction Elihu-Thompson  (with Video)

DEM38 - Hammond Organ, Guitar, and Noise Reducing Twisted Pair  (with Video)

DEM40 - Generator

DEM41 - D.C. Motor

DEM41-1 - Beakman's D.C. Motor  (with Video)

DEM42 - Large Demonstration Electric Motor (SW3 4790)

DEM44 - Eddy Currents  (with Video)

DEM44A- Magnetic Damping

DEM44-1 - Eddy Currents Ind. by Lin. Mov. Magnet  (with Video)

DEM45 - Rotating Pie Plate

DEM46 - Inductor and Transformer Board   (with Video)

DEM47 - Cross Section of Manufactured Transformer

DEM48 - Hairclippers - A simple AC Magnetic Motor  (with Video)

DEM49 - Transformer Kit

DEM50 - Transformer Effect Demonstration  (with Video)

DEM51 - Vibrating Filament Demonstration  (with Video)

DEM52 - R, L and C in DC and AC Circuits

DEM52B - AC resonance damping in R, L and C circuits

DEM53 - Stored Energy in an Inductor

DEM55 - Diode (LED) Demonstration

DEM58 - Rectification Demonstration

DEM59 - Hand-Held Tesla Coil and accessories  (with Video)

DEM60 - Jacob's Ladder  (with Video)

DEM63.1 - One Farad SUPERCAP

DEM79 - Electrostatic Ping Pong  (with Video)

DEM80 - Jumping Cow Magnet   (with Video)

DEM81 - Faraday Cage Demonstration  (with Video)

DEM82 - The Simple "Dangling" Homopolar Motor

DEM83 - Neolev

Fluid Mechanics

DF03 - Bernoulli's Principle, Venturi  (with Video)

DF04 - Airflow Styrofoam Ball  (with Video)

DF06 - Density Demonstration: Regular Soda vs. Diet Soda  (with Video)

DF07 - Roof Model / Bernoulli's Principle  (with Video)


DHT01 - Temp. Measuring Devices, Thermometers, etc.

DHT02 - Pasco Compression Igniter  (with Video)

DHT03 - Volumetric Expansion of Metal; Ball and Ring  (with Video)

DHT04 - Differential Expansion, Bimetallic Strip  (with Video)

DHT05 - Jumping Disc

DHT08 - Boiling Under Reduced Pressure  (with Video)

DHT12 - Thermocouple  (with Video)

DHT15 - Crooke's Radiometer  (with Video)

DHT20 - Convectional Currents, Air

DHT23 - Heat Pump

DHT24 - Seebeck Effect - JOI Candlepower Lamp

DHT26 - Latent Heat of Fusion - "Zap Pac" heat pack

DHT27 - Fluke Ti10 Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera

DHT28 - Prism Spectroscope with Incandescent Bulb

DHT29 - Oscilloscope with an IV plot of a heated filament  (with Video)

DHT30 - Ecofan - Seebeck Effect

DHT31 - Galileo Thermometer


DHS01 - Variation of Water Pressure with Depth  (with Video)

DHS02 - Pascal's Vases

DHS03 - Equilibrium Tubes  (with Video)

DHS04 - Cartesian Diver  (with Video)

DHS05 - Pascal's Syringes

DHS07 - Collapsible Metal Can

DHS08 - Suction Cups, Air Pressure  (with Video)


DK06 - Monkey and Hunter (Trajectory)  (with Video)

DK07 - Ballistic Car, Second Velocity Component  (with Video)

DK11- "g" Plus  (with Video)

Linear Dynamics

DLD01 - Inertia, Falling Coin

DLD02 - Inertia, Stationary Sphere on Post

DLD03 - Inertia Sphere, Breaking Thread

DLD05A - Action and Reaction, Cannon Car

DLD08 - Energy Transfer, Loop-the-Loop  (with Video)

DLD09 - Collision Sphere Demonstration  (with Video)

DLD11 - Basketball and Tennis Ball  (with Video)

DLD12 - Momentum and Impulse

DLD17 - Maxwell's Wheel

DLD19 - Inertia Cylinder

Properties of Matter

DMP06 - Coefficient of Restitution - "Happy and Unhappy Balls"  (with Video)

Nuclear Physics

See Demonstration Technician

Optics and Light

DOP06 - Light Pipe  (with Video)

DOP07 - Fibre Optics Kit  (with Video)

DOP08.1 - Polarization  (with Video)

DOP09 - Mirage and Micro Bank

DOP11 - Reflecting Telescope

DOP24 - Disappearing Glass Rod

DOP28 - Open Laser

Rotational Dynamics

DRD01 - Moment of Inertia, Magic Batons  (with Video)

DRD02 - Angular Momentum, Rolling Ring and Disc  (with Video)

DRD02-1 - Rolling Cylinders

DRD03 - Conservation of Angular Momentum, Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope  (with Video)

DRD04 - "Mitac" Research Gyroscope  (with Video)

DRD05 - Conserv. of Ang. Mom., Twist Board Method  (with Video)

DRD07.1 - Centripetal Force

DRD08 - P.S.S.C. Bob

DRD10 -Wilbur Force

DRD11- Stroboscope

DRD12 - Broken Ring

Simple Machines

DSM02 - Mechanical Advantage, Simple Machines


DS02 - Mass and Weight Relation

DS04 - Center of Mass

DS10 - Balanced Wine

DS13 - Torque  (with Video)

DS15 - Leaning Tower

DS16 - Hammer on Hinged Board  (with Video)

Sound and Wave Motion

DVW02 - Earthquake Model

DVW03- Longitudinal Waves - Slinky  (with Video)

DVW03.1 - Long. Waves (Vertical Rods)

DVW06 - Tuning Forks  (with Video)

DVW07 - Resonance

DVW08 - Beat Frequencies, Tuning Forks  (with Video)

DVW12 - Variation of Pitch with Frequency

DVW15 - Sound Transmission in Vacuum  (with Video)

DVW17 - Vibrating Wire

DVW18.1 - Interference Tubes method II  (with Video)

DVW20.1 - Longitudinal Wave Blaster