Physics Dept. Demonstration Manual

DEM05 - Genecon and Pasco Hand Crank Electric Generators


To demonstrate the principle of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy by using various hand crank generators

  • Various Genecon and Pasco Hand Crank Electric Generators
  • Several 6.3 volt 150ma lightbulbs mounted on bases

The Genecon and Pasco generators are a low voltage power source that lets you create electrical current by simply turning a crank.
You can reverse polarity by simply cranking the handle in the opposite direction

There are many experiments that can be performed with the generators.... here are a couple of basic ones:


Energy Conversion - method 1

- This experiment is conducted with two hand crank generators connected to each other. One generator on which the handle is rotated functions as an electric generator and the other as a motor. Crank the 'generator' handle. The 'motor' handle will rotate.

Energy Conversion - method 2

- This experiment is conducted by connecting the hand crank generator to several lightbulbs which are connected in parallel. The amount of manual force applied in turning the handle of the generator determines the brightness of the bulbs.

Watch a Genecon Youtube video from Arbor Scientific