Physics Dept. Demonstration Manual

DEM35 - Induction by a Moving Magnet


To show that the current is induced in a coil when magnetic lines of force cut the conductors.

  • Coils: (1) 400-turns, hollow square core (Phywe)
  • (2) 1600-turns, hollow square core (Phywe)
  • Galvanometer (O.H.P.)(Cenco 82103)
  • Bar magnet
  • Short Banana leads


Terminals of the coil are connected to an overhead projection galvanometer. The assembly is set up on the O.H. projector in its entirety and the O.H.P. is focussed on the meter scale. Inserting a magnet will produce a deflection on the meter in one direction. motionless magnet will bring the pointer to zero. Retraction of the magnet will deflect the meter pointer in the opposite direction.