Physics Dept. Demonstration Manual

DEM46 - Inductor and Transformer Board


To demonstrate the physical shapes and also the internal construction of inductors and transformers.

  • inductor/transformer board
  • sectioned inductor
  • sectioned transformer
  • sectioned variac


The items are passed to the students for inspection.

The inductor board may be hung on the top blackboard rail.

This board includes samples of:

  • air core high "Q" solenoids
  • powdered iron core solenoids and RF transformers
  • adjustable inductance iron core solenoids
  • ferrite toroid transformers and cores
  • PC board printed inductors
  • exposed laminations of a power choke
  • RF choke
  • ferrite beads
  • small induction motor
  • small audio transformer
  • small power transformers with different combinations of tapped turns

The students will be exposed to a few of the inductor types used in industry.