Physics Dept. Demonstration Manual

DHT23 - Heat Pump

Objective: To demonstrate the temperature effects when a current is applied to a matrix of thermocouple junctions.


  • Thermoelectric Heat Pump module
  • small squares of aluminum sheet, 2
  • Thermal compound
  • Power supply, 2 amp (Anatek 25-2D)
  • Leads, 2 ,black and red
  • 3-finger clamp
  • Lab stand, small, 32 cm high
  • small diagrams showing effects
  • Alligator clips, 2


Make a "sandwich" of the module and aluminum plates, making sure that a small amount of thermal compound is on both sides of the module.

Clamp the sandwich vertically.

Attach the alligator clips and leads to the two flying leads on the module, ensuring that the two clips do not touch.

Plug the leads into the power supply, and adjust for current of 1.4 Amps maximum.

Using the finger and thumb, grasp the sandwich, and note that one side is hot and the other side is cold.

Now, reverse the polarity of the applied current, by moving the leads at the supply.

Test for temperature again, noting that the hot and cold sides are reversed.


This effect is in use for everything from portable coolers to on-board IC chip temperature control.