Physics Dept. Demonstration Manual

DK06 - Monkey and Hunter (Trajectory)


To demonstrate the laws governing the flight of a projectile. Shows that bodies whose initial vertical velocities are the same fall the same distance in the same time irrespective of their horizontal velocities.

  • Plastic blow gun
  • Falling target, metal can
  • Spherical wooden ball
  • Electromagnet mounted on stand
  • Power supply, Eico 10645
  • Connecting cord
  • Metallized paper strips
  • Stand for blow gun


Blow gun is a plastic tube that has a circuit breaking device with binding posts at the muzzle end. The electromagnet is mounted on the stand. It is equipped with binding posts for electrical connection in series with 6 volt power supply and contacts on the blow gun. When the ball is fired and the switch opens the circuit, the electromagnet releases the target. The two will meet in mid air on the way down.The gravitational component of a free falling body causes the same vertical displacement as on a body travelling horizontally.


Pretest mounted foil strip for continuity. Bore-sight target initially.